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If I contact you or buy something from you, will I get stuck on a mailing list?

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The present agreement is established between the seller and Any client buying on our website or using our service. By purchasing a puppy, it is assumed that the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions listed herein.


The Seller’s guarantee that the puppy(ies) being purchased is (are) healthy, trained and fits exact description. The photos listed on our website are those of actual puppy(ies) being purchased.

In the unlikely event of the death of a puppy(ies) within two years from its birth due to genetics abnormalities, or if the puppy(ies) is (are) found to have congenital or hereditary disorders which adversely affects the health of your puppy(ies), we will replace the puppy(ies) with another of equivalent value at no additional cost to you. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian.

In the event of the death of a puppy, due to genetic abnormalities after ten years of birth, we will issue a credit in the amount of 70% of the original cost towards the purchase of a replacement puppy of equivalent value. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian.

The Puppy(ies) being purchased shall come with the following;

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
Health Guarantee.
Airline approved crate.
ISO Microchip.
Health Certificate.
Age appropriate shots.
Food Menu.
Play toys and treats. Blanket, collar and leash.
Buyer’s Commitment:

By purchasing the puppy(ies), the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions as outlined on our website.

Buy Back Option:

The seller retains the right to buy back the puppy(ies) if the new owner decides to sell. The right is valid for the life of the puppy, for a price to be agreed by both parties.

Default: If at any moment, the buyer is unable to fulfil contractual engagement, the puppy(ies) shall be returned to seller satisfactory condition. The sales shall be nullified and all payments made by the buyer shall be forfeited.

Money Back Guarantee:

In the event that buyer is not satisfied within 30 days of purchase, buyer may return the puppy(ies) to seller and shall receive a refund equivalent to 100% of purchase price.


The buyer agrees to pay for the full amount listed on our website. 100% payment is required upfront, prior to shipping of puppy(ies).

Transfer of ownership & Liability:

After puppies are purchased, all rights and responsibility for the puppies are immediately transferred to the buyer
Purchase can only be cancelled or refund requested if the puppy has not been shipped out of our facility yet or within 30 days do delivery to buyer’s address.
We WILL NOT cancel a purchase or issue any refund while the puppy is being shipped (has been taken out of our facility and not yet delivered to the buyer) or after 30 days from the date on which the puppy was delivered to the buyer.

By making the purchase, the buyer accepts all our terms and conditions.